Part 2 - Something is Missing From Your Business



Ritual and ceremony. Their roots are ancient. These practices are part of every society and culture from prehistoric times through the present day. If we consider our work place as part of our culture, what constitutes the ceremony and ritual that people crave and need?


Yes, I've read the reviews saying an iPad is an iPhone on steroids, a supersized iPhone, another unnecessary electronic gadget, etc. But, I bet these "reviews" come from people not yet using one on a daily basis or not yet addicted to the iPad's incredible capabilities.


Let's admit what we all know is true: Work takes up most of our lives! In many instances, it defines who we are. It is the place we spend most of our time. Universally. In some instances, then, it would be appropriate as an employer to provide some of the life requirements so many search for, thirst for and relish when they receive them.