If You Don't Set Up Merchant Services Now, Your Profits Will Suffer Later



The world moves by pretty fast, and it only seems to go quicker every year. As the years pass and technologies advance, people become more and more accustomed to these new conveniences. They also become less and less willing to go back to the older, slower ways of doing things.


Small business owners and entrepreneurs are hard working with 70 to 80 hour workweeks. Yet sometimes these industrious, enterprising, individuals believe their sweat equity is equal if not exceeds actual dollars and cents. The reason for this gap between what is believed to be true and what is actually true is because there has not been a succession plan based upon an objective business valuation.


If you have considered starting a small business, you have probably run the numbers and calculated the time it takes from the moment you take the first dime out of your pocket until you actually see your business up and running. This can easily take 6 months and several thousand dollars from you, and by month 7 you are not likely to still be seeing any profits but instead paying operating and financial costs.