7 Best Practices For Facebook Pages For Franchise Or Small Business Owners



Whether you're a small business owner or you've bought in to a franchise, setting up a Facebook Page for your business can seem easy yet daunting. Many business owners just don't know how best to get started, how to navigate their Page, how to set up a vanity URL and how to market it. In this article, we offer 7 best practices for your Facebook Page to help the small business owner avoid some pitfalls that others have made as well as to ensure awareness of Facebook insights and analytics, which are available to the Page Administrator. With these tips, the small business owner is sure to get on the right road in getting started in creating and promoting their Facebook Page.


Business advisers will tell you that one of the main reasons small businesses fail is cash flow. This is either because they are not financed correctly in the first place, with sufficient funds to see them through the start-up phase, or because slow-paying, or worse non-paying, customers are destroying the financial well-being of their businesses.


In our everyday life, we need to plan several events throughout the year. However, planning events is not an easy task for many reasons. The most difficult task while planning events is the choice of the venue as it is the most important and prominent object.


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