Know Thyself - A Key to Successful Referral Marketing



Many people believe that to get referrals, you just tell everyone you know about your business and they will tell others. However, a good referral source is not just anybody who knows anybody. It's somebody who knows you and what you do and how you are different. It's someone that has experienced either first hand or by word of mouth how great you are at what you do.


One of the last things on the mind of a small business owner, who's focused on the growth of their company and running day-to-day operations, is performing his/her due diligence on vendors, strategic partners and customers. Unlike large public corporations, a bad business relationship could result in more than a significant financial loss and expensive PR campaign; it could cost you everything you've worked for! To help mitigate the likelihood of an adverse incident, this article offers several research practices that small business owners can incorporate in their decision-making process at little to no cost.


Starting a home-based business might be hard, but keeping it flowing in times of crisis requires a lot of hard work, as well as awareness and inspiration. At first your business won't have the strength to fight the bigger fish on the market, so the clients might not be so many.