Four Steps From Apathy to Accomplishment



One thing is certain, each small business owner has a present and a future. Everything in between is the process. Even though your present situation may not be where you want it to be, there's good news. There's a way out of the stuck place of apathy and you can change that feeling of "I don't care anymore."


Business credit cards are closely related to personal credit cards in terms of allowing the holder to purchase supplies or services at a physical location, over the telephone, or on the Internet. However, there are drastic differences between personal credit cards and business credit cards. Some differences of business credit cards compared to personal credit cards are:


As I was out walking with my colleague the other day, we noticed something that triggered off an interesting discussion. You see there was a guy in a t shirt from one of the big fitness companies, which has the slogan on the back "Making the world a fitter place." Obviously this guy was a personal trainer, but here's the irony -as we walked behind him we noticed he was puffing away on a cigarette! It struck me that this guy wasn't at all in line with the image he was hoping to portray.