Outsource Your Marketing - A Three-Part Series - Part III - What Do I Need Vs What Can I Afford?



You're in the home stretch now. You understand the importance of marketing and how it relates to your company's ability to achieve its objectives. You've decided you simply cannot afford the overhead associated with an in-house marketing infrastructure so you've decided to outsource your marketing.


Global warming has been a pressing issue of the world today. With changes in the climate now occurring and the many changes in the environment are starting to be a little different than what we have experience before, it is indeed important that we take extra step to help regain our earth's natural resources and make our Earth green and beautiful.


So you are a Stay at Home Mom and you are currently looking into starting your own business from home and earning some income. Or you are a working mom and you are dreading working 40 or 50 hours a week and not being able to spend time with your beautiful children. Those daycare charges are really getting a little too high and your boss is really stressing you out. Many women today are afraid of being let down because of the many companies on the internet that offer them to make $20,000K in one month and it really doesn't sound legitimate.